For companies interested on hiring professionals worldwide we offer this opportunity in for small companies or freelancers. Our focus is on Travel Industry, IT, Web design, programmers, Copywriting, Online Marketing.

We promote international mobility by placing the students for internships worldwide. We work with the best schools and universities of business, engineering, turism, agronomy, gastronomy and many others and have partnerships in Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, China, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, South Africa, England, Hungary, Russia and others.

We offer your company the opportunity to integrate students for training placements of 2 to 6 months. The candidates are carefully selected by our experienced staff to ensure they correspond to your companys needs and are highly motivated, responsible and competent students that have a good command of several foreign languages. In offering a work placement to a student you will:

  • Take advantage of their skills, knowledge and innovative ideas;
  • Improve your teamwork thanks to an intercultural melange;
  • Share your cultural knowledge and create true long-lasting relationships.

If your company accepts to receive students for the internship, all you have to do is to inform us about the requirements of the candidates and the possible period of time for the training. We will then take care of everything and present you with a person selected according to your needs. Important, your company does not have to pay for our services. 

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Great variety of internships. If you are thinking about to get international experience we offer this opportunity in more than 13 countries all around the world. The purpose of your internship will be consistent with your expectations and will be validated by your school.

Search for accommodation
Accommodation allows you to start your internship and to facilitate adaptation to your new environment. So if you need help with that you will have your accommodation confirmation before leaving your home country. hostels, student residencies, backpackers… we adapt our accommodation search to your budget and local opportunities

You will be not alone because we will facilitate your departure, organize your arrival and secure an individualized follow up during your stay.

If you want to receive further information about our programs please send an email for us to [email protected] telling us in wich area do you want to practice, for how long and the country or language that you prefer.


If you want to send to us your resume or you just feel that you should get in touch with us, feel free to send us an e-mail to: [email protected]

Don´t forget, the more information you send, the better.