Interview with Expat Martin Miguel, an Argentine Who Made the Move to Brazil (by Expat Daily Southamerica)

1. Where are you from originally, where are you now, and how did you end up there?

I am from Buenos Aires (Argentine) and now i am in Recife, Brazil, moving in a few days 60km from here, a beatiful and small beach town called Porto de Galinhas.

I decided to move here attracted by a big change and the beach life.

2. In what ways do you feel integrated into life in Brazil, and in what ways do you feel like you stick out as a gringo still?As an Argentinian, I feel intregrated in the warm treatment of the people, always being friendly and giving great importance to friendship and social life.

I feel like a gringo everyday! Even if I am from a neighboring country,  here I am a still gringo for everyone.

I feel it also when I need to do some burocratic procedure or when I have to answer “Why did you leave your country and your family?!”

3. How is the language coming? How did you learn?I learned Portuguese before at work in BsAs, but the first month was difficult. Here in the northest language is so different, they have a lot of idioms and speak too fast, but now (after not talking to much and trying to listen all the time) language is coming along well.

4. What was the hardest part about moving abroad? What has been the most rewarding?Mmm, seeing my mother sad and crying before I left was not easy.

The most rewarding.. all the little great moments ..It is going out at night out without direction and after a few hours finding yourself at 3am alongside the sea, on a deserted beach .. incomparable.

5. How do you support yourself living abroad?In my case I am still working for Buenos Aires from my laptop but now I am making lots of contacts here and I’ve found many interesting opportunities.. How? being social, meeting new people all the time and using social networks.. definitely internet makes the life easier.

6. If you have family, what do they think of your move?They understand and support my decisions. Of course goodbyes are always sad, but it is simple.. If I am happy, they are also.

7. If you could offer advice to someone still thinking about moving to Latin America, what would you tell them?Actually I have lived and worked for the last 4 years with travelers and foreigners and 100% of them feel really happy with the decision of traveling or moving to a different country. Doesn’t matter if is in Southamerica or any place in the world.

So.. don’t think about it.. just do it!!

8. Do you have plans to move back?Not for now, first I want to enjoy this new country, then another, then another..and then.. who knows..

Published by Expat Daily Southamerica.